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About us

Welcome to PWR.iethe professional choice for independent electric power. is a trade name of JTM Power LTD.

JTM Power LTD has been in the energy business for over 30 years and for 20 years of these selling and installing Victron Products.

We see the market for energy products growing and have now added our dedicated website for promoting and selling Victron energy products.

With the ever increasing demands to bring greener and cleaner sources of energy we believe that our products are leading in this field. We design and bring solutions to marine, industrial, automotive, mobility, off-grid and solar markets that can be integrated into any applications.

Ever since Reinout Vader founded Victron Energy in 1975, product lines have continued to grow along with ever improving quality, reliability, and a unrivalled reputation for technical innovation.


Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.